About Us

Airline Metrics is a Melbourne, Australia based business services’ company with a specialisation in providing business intelligence to the travel industry.

Our comprehensive business intelligence solution provides airlines, travel agents and companies with deep insights into their channel distribution, sales and revenue performance as well as air spend analysis with just one or two clicks.

The cloud based solution means you get 24/7 access with monthly, weekly or daily reports fuelled with IATA-BSP HOT files with no investment in any hardware or software. Empower your management and commercial teams with Airline Metrics’ easy to use actionable dashboards, reports and graphs.

We process all the complex data behind the scenes to provide the end user with efficient and easy to use information. We have taken out the grunt work, to allow the user to spend more time forming action plans around the information, increasing both productivity and profitability.

Founder and CEO, Sanjay Shenoy narrates the evolution of Airline Metrics in his own words. Be warned – this guy goes on a bit – so grab a cup of coffee before you start reading.
Data – that’s what’s wrong with the world! This is what I realised several years ago. Not data by itself, we love data! More, the way data is presented and how it affects the way the reader analyses and interprets the available information. That was the main issue and that is where the main problem lies. That is how Airline Metrics was founded – by recognising the need for much better data and analysis of available information.Over the years I worked in different roles in this wonderful travel industry of ours.My first flight overseas from my native country India was magical – I was travelling in business class on Lufthansa on a training course at the age of 21. Well, this I could get used to I thought. Several (as an airline employee) jump seat and standby travel experiences later somewhat corrected those rose tinted views, however, the magic still remained.

When I migrated to my adopted country Australia, I had my own take on why it was called the lucky country. About a week in, I was called for an interview. The recruitment consultant put me through an exhaustingly thorough question and answer session, but to his credit he did send me to the wonderful people at Jetset Travel Group. They chatted with me for about 30 minutes (thank you Karyn, Ken and Rod) and promptly offered me the job with a condition that I had to join the next day. That was my migration experience! Ten days chilling and straight into work. Very lucky wouldn’t you say?

A later stint at Sabre working with lots of different travel agents and groups all across the country brought me to my “Aha!” moment.

All my airline, travel agency and GDS roles involved working with systems, numbers and data. Data – people were drowning in it! Many still are. Front and back office data, GDS data, accounting data, head office & branch office data, flown revenue data, sales data, yield data etc….you get the picture, you could term it as a tsunami of data.

My observations and conclusions on how people deal with this data are interesting.

Can you relate to some of these scenarios?

  • Overwhelmed by the volume of available data some people simply ignore it and think instead about using it in future if required. Often they never do. Another later data set would arrive shortly anyway.
  • Some people eagerly review the data in order to extract a specific set of information (which could take a fair bit of time) and then ignore the remainder.
  • A few form friendships with their data expert (like me of course!), who can manipulate the data into some relevant information. But the problem remains that they are dependent on the expert who is often stretched managing their multiple data projects.
  • Some people routinely look at the same small number of data sets, ignoring the rest. Once again, everyone is busy and they cannot afford to spend time trawling through it all.
  • Ironically, many people blame their systems for a lack of data. They feel it ‘doesn’t work properly’ or ‘actually help me’.

Note: To be fair, most of us will fall into one or more of these categories at one time or another.

By itself, data does nothing. It means nothing unless it is presented as relevant and easily-used information that can be consumed fast – in seconds – before the User moves on to their next issue.

By ‘relevance’ I mean the information should possibly validate a theory or identify a trend or a change to what was expected. It should allow the User to discover something new and to make appropriate decisions as a result.

What’s required are insights more than data, insights through relevant information.

My journey into entrepreneurship began in 2002. Ticketech Solutions was founded to convert airline data into information. Several exhilarating twists and turns later the Airline Metrics story began in 2013. With our current solution we remove all the “data” noise and present useful, timely and relevant insights regarding the air spend and revenue of all our clients.

Now I know for sure that we are on the right path. It is very satisfying to hear someone say “WOW! I have never seen anything like that!”. And recently one very nice person said to me after a presentation “You should have charged us for some of the insights you just presented”. Thank you, much appreciated! In fact, I would like to a say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all our wonderful clients for their amazing feedback as we developed our proposition.

So that’s our story, it’s been built on a lot of learning from humble beginnings as a trainee, as an analyst and then an accountant and ultimately as a specialist within the industry.

Please do review the demo videos and other collateral available online and feel free to give us your feedback. We constantly strive to improve our service levels and product offering.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of what we have built and I personally thank each of you for reading this far – with or without the help of that cup of coffee.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Shenoy
Founder and CEO Airline Metrics