Airline Metrics FAQ’s
Please note these are generic FAQs to provide you with answers to general
questions. Please contact or register with us to gain access to specific FAQs and
web pages created for companies, travel agents and airlines.
HOT files (Hand-off Tapes) are the same data set that airlines use in their
sales and revenue management systems. They are rich in data - the format is
the industry standard data.
We have companies, travel agents and airline clients today who use our
analysis to fully understand their own air spend (companies), sales, revenue
and yields (travel agents and airlines) in BSP markets internationally. Using
the same data set creates a highly transparent environment between all
parties and provides information updates each week. Traditionally there is a
significant gap between 'ticketed' and 'flown' data, but the gap between Airline
Metrics projected flown revenue reports and an airline’s flown revenue reports
will be a very small percentage.
It is free to airlines and already supplied, often on a daily basis.
For Agents and companies, it is based on the number of IATA locations & the
frequency of reporting e.g. twice per month and location. Our experience to-
date is that the quoted costs are highly inconsistent from market to market but
there is normally some economy of scale e.g. A client with 10 IATA locations
wouldn't pay 10 times the cost of 1 IATA.
Yes. The dashboards, graphs and reports allow you to both exclude and
include taxes such as YQ/YR in reports.
We use the same IATA mileage and proration system that airlines use. This
protocol leads to very high levels of accuracy of flown revenue reporting.
Ticketed commissions are reported on the BSP Billing Analysis and the HOT
files. We pick the actual commissions paid per transaction.
We use the same data set as the airlines so when measuring flown revenue we start calculations at the same point as Airlines. We calculate the 'flown' performance based on the coupon date of travel and the standard proration. We also take into account refunds, ACMs and ADMs and report on "Adjusted Flown Revenue". This is a projection and there can be variances due to no-shows. But over a number of years we now know that our projections are in the high ninety percentile levels to what airlines report.
Yes. As per the individual coupon data.