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Our Customers
We serve customers both large and small across different segments of the industry. From travel agents to airlines and large companies who have millions of dollars in annual air spend. And all our customers have one thing in common: they believe in the need for easy to use reliable information.
Some of our current customers you may recognise:

Cost/Benefit & ROI Analysis
While each client’s commercial situation is unique, our experience to-date is that every client has improved their margins and found cost savings or additional returns as a result of the improved insights and controls that the Airline Metrics solution provides them with.
  • Proactive management of airline and agency contract targets due to timely and detailed data being provided within days of tickets being issued.
  • Improved mix of returns between agreements as a result of easier portfolio management.
  • Tactical analysis of fares in the market.
  • Faster and more detailed reporting than previously available from internal and external sources.
  • Improved dialogue and negotiations with all parties as a result of better data transparency and the ability to source reports on a weekly basis.
  • Audit capabilities to coupon level if required.
  • Review of historic data allowing retrospective analysis.
Commercial Rationale
As a direct result of these capabilities, clients can be assured that they will be investing in a Business Intelligence Solution that protect their commercial interests, vastly reduces the amount of analysis and manual data manipulation required and improves their ability to reduce costs and increase their profit margins.
Airline Metrics strives to make available a game changing technology at a fractional percentage of our clients’ air revenue/spend. We recognise that resources are scare and budgets are limited and our solution fits right in with the philosophy of savings and margin improvement. With no investment in hardware or software required, our aim is to bring all relevant information to users with just one or two clicks saving on the need for IT resources or data skills. Our aim is to focus our clients’ energies on making those crucial decisions that improve the bottom line rather than spending time on chasing and manipulating data. Our solution is affordable regardless of the scale of your business as our pricing is also scalable.

The drivers of our Pricing decisions are:

  • The client's annual BSP turnover/spend in both currency and transaction terms.
  • The number of IATA numbers included in the agreement.
  • The number of planned Users.
  • The length of the proposed agreement
  • The planned period of historic data to be loaded.
  • The number of airline/agent/corporate incentive Contracts to be loaded and managed in the 'Contract Module'.
  • If any bespoke solutions or significant changes to the formatted dashboards, graphs and reports are being requested