"I use the contract module extensively and have loaded all my airline contracts. It has taken some trial and error as the airlines often leave out pertinent information that only comes to light when challenged. As these anomalies have been incorporated into the contract module set up, the accuracy is now high 90’s. I have just received airline data from one of our significant carriers and the result has come in $46 different YTD (9 months in) to Airline Metrics figures. This is an accuracy rate of 99.999919%.
On another contract, we realised that $40k more in sales would result in reaching the next tier, which would be an additional $83k. A push got us there, however had we needed to we would have paid to upgrade some lucky clients to ensure we were $43k better off."
David Stafford
Commercial Manager
Magellan Travel Group
"Airline Metrics’ reporting modules have greatly improved our margins through effective airline contract management and the provision of timely and accurate information. We are elated with how simply the information is presented, allowing our analysts to focus on higher value tasks that increase both profit and job satisfaction. The carrier share and booking class modules have been invaluable in our supplier negotiations. Airline Metrics are a delight to work with and add tremendous value to Webjet."
Shelley Beasley
Chief Operating Officer
Webjet Limited.
“Airline Metrics has proved highly competent in providing high quality services to meet our demands and satisfy our requirements. They have developed a robust reporting tool, excellent relationships with our own personnel, and always go the extra mile to provide whatever support is required by our group.
It is with greatest pleasure that we highly recommend Airline Metrics.”
Oso Adinugroho
Commercial Analyst
CT Partners Pty Ltd.
"Quality and timely information are a business necessity. The reporting modules Airline Metrics provide, assist us in identifying opportunities and trends. The information forms an essential component of our negotiation processes. We have been a customer for ten years as we recognize the value their service brings to our business."
Dennis Alysandratos
Group General Manager
Consolidated Travel
"Airline Metrics reporting forms an essential part of our airline negotiations and allow us to forecast our flown revenue against the targets. Our forward booking timeline is relatively long and it is imperative we have the tools in place to predict our future needs. The breakdown by booking class, segments and destinations allows us to quickly measure key performance criteria and ensure we have the appropriate deals in place. Airline Metrics provides invaluable information for managing our business."
Alexandra Pisker
Services, Support and Air Manager
Australian Pacific Touring Pty. Ltd.
"A great tool that’s made every part of our day-to-day business more efficient coupled with a courteous support team that’s always willing to go the extra mile. Running revenue reports and tracking incentive programs has never been easier. In only a few clicks we have access to a wealth of information, be it broken down in the form of a monthly revenue report or graph.
Thank you, Airline Metrics team, for making our jobs that much more enjoyable!"
Jimmy Stavropoulos
Account Manager
Voyages A La Carte.